Tuesday, September 2, 2008

how much stuff does one have to manage?

I got an email from a friend who's using twitter now.. for those of yall not familiar. Twitter is another social type application where you post updates on your life via phone, net etc. People subscribe to your page and basically read about your life updates. Its been out a for a while but now that a few famous people post on twitter everyone's hopped on the site.

So I'm like a person can have a blog, facebook/myspace/linked-IN page, twitter, regular email (personal and work), RSS feeds to manage. I refuse and mark my words here in this blog to join Twitter nation (no matter how hard my friend pressures me). I can barely find time to keep the blog rollin...luckily I can handle my facebook via blackberry... myspace is boring now but I keep it open to communicate with those who only have m.space . Linked in- my coworkers are pressing me to join to be hooked up with other professionals. I add new sites to my RSS list everyday-such a junky (49 subscriptions)

All I'm saying though is how fascinatated the world is with having your life posted on-line, and having your friends/strangers comment on the life that you post on-line.
I enjoy such sites too, but as infosec professional I read a story about someone's identity stolen through scrounging details about this person from all their social sites pages. That info was used to guess passwords and comprimise other senstive information. Its not like you have to be nicked out here but since everyone's updating their statuses every hour or so- "Having fun at mall" during that time someone who e-trailing you could use that as oppourtunity to ruff your house while your out. I'm just saying we need to be concious of what we say and do on-line because its a war going on (on-line) and that data breeches are happ'n constantly so just be wise when using such sites.

Email- gmail all day long- I actually decline to push this to my blacbkerry just cuz I don't want the joint buzzin all day long.

I have 3 work emails- my main joint i just had to dump half my emails into a .PST to bring my inbox from 500 down to 150 just so I wouldn't keep getting the " you are over the limit" email daily from the sysadmin. And then bammas want to send messages to both my gov't and contractor email- do you know how annoying it is to have daily dupes and while I'm kirking I don't understand how ppl can send attachments over 5mb! Someone sent me 2 emails totaling 10mb in attachments. I sure enough went down to their cube like- is there any reason you couldn't ask me to bring my thumb drive over to get the attachments. Like if I had not cleaned out my inbox those joints would been bounced back- anyway ppl please THINK before sending big attachments especially over work email. And let me add video forwards are not appropriate for work or person email - I HATE THOSE!

Google released their own web browser last night called Chrome. I have to give it up for google they are the internet Microsoft. Quick review of the browser IT IS FAST like zipping FAST, but until the product matures some by having add-ons etc it will not replace my FF3 with adblock and flash block= NO ADS at all while surfing. so what by 2012- Google take over the world?

Just venting about the state of the world we are truly in the information age- OVER LOAD!!

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Anonymous said...

I know!! I have like 90 of these accounts and I can not keep up! It's becoming a real job just to keep up with social networking sites. LOL. But what always happens? We end up signing up for them anyway...haha.