Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 3 Raw Food Detox

still getting used to this new lifestyle...went to order breakfast; raisin bagel toasted with cream cheese. I got all the way to my desk when I had Homer Simpson 'doh' moment. I was like this darn cream cheese I forgot its a 'cheese' lol and a dairy product. I hope this wasn't cheating but i scraped the hell out the bagel got all the cheese off no white residue left and ate the warm bagel as my 1 hot meal today. I have to chill with the heavy carbs yesterday I had bread with my soup; I don't normally eat too many and I don't want to substitute breads to make me feel full because I have all these dietary restrictions

Day 1 started off harsh because my girls and I went for a brunch/b-day celebration at this new trendy DC restaurant called CoCo Sala. CoCo Sala is a chocolate boutique but of course they serve regular food but cacao is their speciality. Now I gotta give myself a pat on the back for resisting the tempting items. My friends and I felt like we were on foodnetwork the way the chef's platted the food and the interesting mix of desserts (homemade marshmallows) ingrated with brunch items. One of my girls had a french toast blend with some Smore stuff in the middle. Poor Caplady ate salad (no cheese) and I did get Mint Hot chocolate (made with water) both were yummy so I'll will be going back after the raw food detox is over.

Move over Teavanna..quietly I haven't even gone there in a while anyway. My fave loose leaf tea spot is Ching Ching Chang in Georgetown, but I may have a new #1 Teaism. I've ate at Teasim a few times food is good, tea was straight nothing to get exicted over. The last time I went to Teasim I stopped at the store and picked up two types of herbal loose tea:
1. Mind & Body-Lemongrass, apple, rooibos, ginger, ginseng, cinnamon, bean peels, mistletoe, cardamom, clove & black pepper. Energizes, rejuvenates, boosts the immune system, creates physical balance
2.Now & Zen-Gingko, St. John's wort, lemongrass, birch leaves, bean peels, mistletoe & nettle leaves. Relieves stress, improves memory, strengthens the heart, and calms without tiring you. Also contains antioxidants.
Man these teas are good like the taste rocks. I haven't had any loose tea this good in a long while so I'll be going back soon because the 2oz package I got will be gone soon. I'm trying to cut down on my caffeine consumption which means chillin out on green tea as much as I love it so I'm constantly looking for other teas I can drink that will supply energy.

Anyway time for me to get lunch fruit and a grain bar *yay* 18 more dayz to go

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ProfessorB said...

I'll have to add Coco to my list of new restaurants to try.