Friday, September 26, 2008

Rep for the hometeams

I finally made it to the new beautiful Washington Nationals Stadium. I was determine to make it the inaugural season and I did lol the next to last game. I had tickets to the last 2 games of the season but Thursdays rain prevented me from attending the last game. I sat in section 308 but folks weren't lying when they said you get a good view from all seats at the Nat's Stadium.
Some Pics:

Ignore the books posted on the blog for now lol I am still reading them but slowly.. meanwhile I just breezed through Faith Evan's memoir Book- Keep the Faith (read <3 days)

This book was GREAT!! First of all in the late 90's Mary J was my #1 and Faith was my #2. Those two ladies are the reason I streaked my hair blonde in 1996 OMG memories!! I can remember in high school at night I was either playing Mary My life cd or that first Faith CD- talk about some classic R&B cds. Plus in the mid - late 90's badboy had everything on lock! I'm not going to spoil the plotlines because I suggest everyone hit up Amazon and cop this book. I learned alot about Faith one I have much respect for her being a mother she cares deeply for all her youngins; I had no idea she did so much song writing (where the real money is in the music industry) for other artists in addition to her own projects- [Sidebar bout to look into that forreal my homey is always telling me since I'm scared to recite my own poems I need to sell them to people looking to make song]; I learned Fay loved the ganja and would beat the $hi out of a chick quick, was 'pro' choice lol; she went through alot for her man, but check the book out definitely a good read. The co-author did a great job writing Faith fair and open retelling of her life, she wanted to clarify as many rumors as possible- Lil Kim, Tupac etc.

Sunday starts my 21 day Raw Food Detox; This is going to be challenging for me, although I'm vegetarian I do eat seafood which I'm trying to remove from my diet. It's hard when you are from the state of the bluecrab/crabcakes. Here are the guidelines for the diet.

1. Diet will consist of healthy, whole, primarily organic Super Foods! These foods and beverages are to be consumed in their natural state (unprocessed and uncooked). They are:
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Beans
  • Legumes
  • Dried fruit
  • Freshly juiced fruits and vegetables
  • Young Coconut Milk
  • Herbal Tea
2. You are allowed ONE (1) cooked meal per day before 12 noon. However, this meal should meet vegan standards (i.e., no meat, no dairy, no eggs or other animal products). This meal should also be organic.
Aim for 30-60 minutes a day, at least 3 days per week, and vow to get that heart rate up by doing something fun and fitness related.
Aim for just 5-15 minutes per day of reflection.
So, commit to have 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

I'm not doing this as a way to loose weight I'm looking forward to the discipline it will require to carry out each of these goals for the raw foods detox. Again I'm hoping it will propel my eating habits to change to more traditional vegetarian/vegan blend. I can't be a pure vegan cuz a sista is not throwing out her leather handbags and rocking clothes made from hippies lmao. The hardest part of this diet will be the dairy, mainly cheese & yogurt that's my weakness. Most of the time I eat salad and fruit smoothies every other night for dinner, so that's a filling meal. I plan to pick up my hummus and pita bread consumption as that's also a filling meal. My niece did this earlier this year with her girls, they normally try to detox twice a year. I mos def will keep the blog updated with the progress- it starts on Sunday which I already got a problem going some restaurant called Coco Sala in the city; a chocolate bar my friend wants to have a birthday brunch there. I don't like chocolate like that anyway, but now im really gonna be struggling with alternative menu options.

Anyway before I roll let me say Go Skins beat Dallas! I will be rocking my Portis jersey tomorrow for all the hataz!

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