Saturday, September 20, 2008

long time........ i kno i kno

what up folks been a min..was battling a sinus infection for a week among other thing anyway

want to take a quick moment to say RIP for those who lost their lives 9/11.
I didn't start working at the d-dpt until that next year 02, part time at that but let me tell ya.. had I been around during 9/11 I would quit the next day talk about scared for life.

my LLC license came in so I feel jive the real work beings in terms of being a small business owner; business growth and maximizing profit! I'm excited and ready to begin the journey.

I went to the spa first time ever with my BFF last weekend. I've always declined going with my older lady friends just because I'm not comfy with a random people touching me, but I just allowed myself to be open minded plus I was tired of ppl sicing getting massages so I had to see what the big deal is for myself. We had the full works package; hour massage, facial, mani/pedi cure. The massage was cool, kinda hurt at times but I do think I will try it again based on the message therapist recommendations. He said a source of my many tension headaches is due to the knots in my neck & shoulder muscles, and my tendancy to hold my shoulder up instead of letting them naturally fall. Anything to help my headache burdans ease up, I'm so naturally tense maybe these massage sessions can help with stress management. The facial was fun- every 10 mins she was throwing gunk on my face and pointing the steamer at me. Got a nice lil happy glow going... We did some slight shopping at Columbia mall afterwards. I hadn't been there since like 2001 entire mall transformed. Not recapping the whole shopping trip but I picked up a new shade of my fav mac product slimshine lipstick nice fall color: Prudeaux- Dark rich burgundy plum.
I also picked up an 'mineral make up' (MMU) product- Bare Minerals I.D eyeshawdow. I wanted to see what the big deal of this MMU craze. All make up is made of minerals but the MMU is striped of some harsher chemcials and most people opt for Mineral based foundations etc because its less harsh on the skin. the MMU eyeshadow I got is a cute color but its sooo light and fluffy when I put it on my brush its like falling all over the place like dust. I really don't like the texture of it compared to my other shadows so I don't think I'll be switching over the MMU because I don't have sensative skin and I really don't wear foundation anyway.

I did cop the Chanel nailpolish mentioned here on my lunch break this week when I snuck over to Pentagon City for a few since my boss was gone hehe. I will be testing out the Blue Satin shade this week, hopefully it won't be chipping like crazy.
Coach has a vicious fall line up of kicks coming out. I like their tennis shoes; I only have one pair because I feel like once u have one pair of Coach canvas shoes no need to keep buying more and more, all they do is change the color of the C's. However they have some high top joints that are effin vicious that $150 got me pondering so we'll see...

some quick comments on the financial crises of the country..honestly I don't pride myself with knowing alot of about the economics principles & finances of the country besides 401k 101, but of course I followed the housing & subprime mortage crises. Once the gov't starting bailing out big corps I became addicted to reading the daily news about Lehman, AIG and the commentary backlash. The whole situation is making me look up and learn all these investment terms so I'm aware, but its funny yet not shocking how USA gov't allowed companies to wheel and deal with fake money (meaning invesements backed by subprime loans= debt and not profit). Sooooo many bammas got rich off the last few years of mortage mis-management its not even funny. Is the gov't gonna man- up and change the rules?? Who knows because this is a country where debt is looked as OK- hence our nation's deficit, the war spending, and now the new bill congress racked up bailing out corporations. I'm trying to target 09 to buy a house but I'm not going to force it and be house poor and though I'm working hard to pay down debt I shouldn't have racked up in the first place. I make sure that I'm drilling into my neices and other young folks I mentor heads not to abuse credit because not only is black america in debt but again the nation operatates as if it runs off an unlimited credit source. I'm just sayin you can't be mad at the folks who got mortagates knowing they couldn't afford the payments when the entire countries operates like debt is ok, chap 7 is ok- no problem. Keep in mind I'm not financial expert just venting about what I read in the post.

My last rant and it cringes me to type this :( but MAJOR F-U to the Wizards. First of all I did not agree with signing Arenas to 111 miyon$ deal; that's my cappy dude and he been great for the franchaise but right now (and I feel he can mature into) he's not the kinda guy that will lead this team to the ring- no offense. But com'on Abe Pollin, slim had 2 knee surgiers and yall max him out and what comes out of the wiz camp this week an annoucement: Gil to undergo a cleanup procedure out until at least Dec. I'm so pissed like I had my Wiz Tix hook up ready.. now I'm only going to games this season when I want to see the opposing team stars. yes I love Caron but no Gil makes everything boring and like other teams in the east improved- D.Wade is back. I hope we can get back into the playoffs but right now errything is looking sus' oh well :( My skins better keep me happy with Wins cuz imma be pissed off at the Wizards for a while!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ke!!! It's Tonya--this is my first time checking out your blog. Interesting material. I LOVE blogs:) Congrats on obtaining your LLC; I am in the process of doing the same thing and it is TIRESOME, but all worth it in the end I'm sure. As stated before, we will have to sit down and chat sometime in the near future.
Girl...the spa is a MUST. I can't get there as much as I'd like...but I can't emphasize how relaxing it is to go! I think every woman should at least make a concious effort to go at least twice per year.
Congrats on purchasing Mineral makeup! I too use it (whenever I do wear it--I just hate the process of applying makeup--it makes me vomit...haha). But that is the best kind for your skin. Great choice!