Wednesday, March 25, 2009

just saying wzup

no I haven't been igg'n the readers.. just been ultra busy again idk where my time goes between the 40-50 hrs at work, hanging with my friends and me-time- keeps the days rolling

cooling out to this VH1 Soul Eykah Badu concert- she is so great live .. esp when she rocks out with the Roots which is usually the case.

I'm up here doing my normal thing working on a broken laptop (Compaq/HP) no surprise there LOL gave up trying to remove the viruses joint crashed too much- doing a full reformat reload of windows XP.

Lets see I don't have a list of topics like normal.. I hope you all have been enjoying the twitter updates put you right in mix of the day to day action of caplady LOL.

Last weekend I went to the circus with my lil god-son, hadn't been to circus I'm guessing since I was a wee-girl. It was fun but expensive time animals were cute! Porkupine, lions, horses, Elephants lil dude payed attention about 70% which is great for a 2yr old. Went uptown DC afterwards got that man his first peice of DC local gear from Universal Madness.
His mama already know he not going be dressed like VA bamma (no offense to my 703 friends) when he's out in PG with me LOL.

Week before that I visited a wine bar for happy hour in my favorite part of DC- UPtown NW..Vinoteca

The place was great.. happy hour was not overly packed, dinner was good. I don't consider myself a wine head but my friends made me sip and I ended up liking the Merlot (red wine).. def want to go back there and try some more wines.

I'm working on my travel orders for Europe- Germany; love the fact job is exposing me to international travel more on the trip as it unfolds.
Can't believe spring is here (in theory not in temperature lol) working on LA trip 4th of July weekend with my besti that would ROCK..I just wanna visit the shops on Rodeo Drive.

Welp let me go finish up my work watch a lil NBA action..


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ProfessorB said...

Vinoteca sounds great. I am going to add that to my list of places to visit in DC.