Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Recap

hewwo peeps....

tired and busy.. went out to U st the last 3 Fridays in a row up till 5am.. im 29 body is old LOL

Friday night attended the Kem/Ledisi and Mint Condition show at DAR Constitution Hall
Being lazy and not up for the 10-15 min walk from Farragut North/West metro I drove and didn't even leave my spot until 730 show started at 8 and oddly it started on time LOL
so I missed Ledisi who they only gave her about 20 mins bc Mint Condition came on 830 I got there about 845 so I was able to see some of the best R&B band of my era!

Kem came out very dapper gray suit hat.. slim and short dude. He sung a variety of songs from each cd and genuinely sounded just like his cd very strong voice.


I'm geeked off a new tea shop I found down that National Harbor in Maryland.
Capital Teas - the shop was small but I loved the wall of tea. The tea was held in glass jars for customers to smell. I purchased the basic 2oz (minimum) of Basil/Lemon Oolong [can we say perfect with an Italian dinner] & Stimulating Herbal Tea - it is an intense blend of ginger roots, cardamom, coriander, tumeric, cloves and nutmeg. I could not help myself I brewed a halfcup of the herbal tea tonight and OMG - u know anything w/ ginger is spicy-yum but the other herbs heighten the senses to a new level - I LOVE THIS TEA!

Also after a long convo with my tea twin at work.. I invested in a measuring spoon to help with ensuring my tea purchases last- ex 4oz of tea should yield 20+ cups.. me scooping a pinch of tea each morning LOL kills the ratio and now that I'm on a tight budget (explain lata) plus honestly adhering to proper temperature, quantity makes for a better cuppa...I'm slowly getting there.

Anyway about to finish watching my FAVORITE show Chopped (All-Stars) than going bed TIRED

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