Sunday, April 3, 2011

dropping recipes like bombs..

Curry Veggie Lentil Soup Overload

Sorry peeps- I'm bad at cups/measurements - normally my style of cooking is to borrow from many variants of the same recipe and conform into own. Not alot of pics either- only decided to capture the moment halfway through the creation process :\


1 small yellow onion
2 leeks
half root of ginger
veggie stock/water blend
2 cans diced tomatoes

red pepper flakes
indian curry (alot)
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp thyme or fresh sprig
1/2 tsp cinnamin/nutmeg
1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar
black pepper

yellow squash
Brussels sprouts
string beans

2 cups (mixed) french/green lentils

chop up all veggies to size..add just a lil bit of salt to veggies only

VERY IMPORTANT - when cooking a lentil soup.. salt makes lentils rubbery hence add salt for overall flavor the last 10 mins or so..

The prep is heavy overhead but once everything is chopped up

Get a large pan base with some EEVO warmed- throw in the base dry ingredients first when almost brown add liquid & spices. I don't add water to my veggie stock until i've bought everything to a boil. Retaste make sure flavors are to personal liking.
Toss in veggies let cook good 20 mins on low simmer with top on.
Lentils go afterwards 30-45 mins+

Note I like my veggies soft you can opt to throw those preferred to be more firm closer to the last 20 mins of cooking time.


TV wise I hate reality TV and the only shows/stations I watch are:

Old Shows (e.g Golden Girls)
Documentary shows

From the foodnetwork the person I love and adore is Ina Garten aka BAREFOOT CONTESSA

IDK what it is about this lady but her style of cooking just resonates with me.
I love her steezo. She's calm quiet yet vicious when it comes to picking ingredients for cooking, and flavors- plus I love her home and how the incorporates aesthetic value towards picking dishes and decor to match the meal - That's a personal goal of mines when I buy a big house - Although the vegetarian thing will be an obstacle I'm so about hosting dinner & tea parties

Anyway I hope to be back with a few blogs- I have long coming rant against RIM- Blackberry

Work's kicking my butt as usual but check ya later peeps

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